Shipping Terms and Conditions

  1. Shipping to US and Canada only.  Orders from any other country will be canceled.

  2. SimpleDecals.com is not responsible for any damaged caused by shipping.

  3. US Domestic shipping is only guaranteed when using Priority Mail.  Any item that is reported lost or stolen will be re-cut and re-shipped via regular First Class mail.  If your replacements get lost, you will need to file a "lost mail" claim form at your local post office before any further replacements are sent.

  4. SHIPPING TO CANADA IS NOT GUARANTEED.  This is because the United States Post Office does not offer delivery tracking for flat rate international envelopes.  Absolutely NO REFUNDS will be provided for items that get lost in the mail.

  5. SHIPPING TO USA IS NOT GUARANTEED when shipped using Standard Domestic mail.  This is because the United States Post Office does not offer delivery tracking for First Class mail.

Return Policy

Due to the custom nature of these decals, ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES will be provided.  However, with a minimum purchase of 10 decals, we will gladly replace a maximum of 2 decals for you incase you inadvertently fold, tear, or otherwise destroy them during installation (hey, it happens).  After receiving your decals, you have 5 days to request a replacement.. All we ask is that you pay for the shipping on your replacement decals.   First Class USPS mail service will be $1.50 for items shipped to the US and $3.00 to Canada.  Proof of mutilation is required. Please send digital photo when requesting replacement.


Copyright/Trademark disclaimer

All of the company or product logos available on this site are the sole property and/or registered trademarks of their respective companies. The logos presented here are provided as a convenience and should only be used in a lawful, fully authorized manner. Any unauthorized use of the copyrighted or trademarked material found on this site shall be the sole responsibility of purchaser. By submitting payment to SimpleDecals.com, you convey to SimpleDecals.com that you have the authority or have received permission to use the copyrighted and/or trademarked artwork and logos.

Sponsorship Terms and Conditions

ALL decals must be paid for in advance. Price will depend on the quantity, size, and style of the logos chosen.

After installation of decals, you are required to take and submit 4 decent quality, decent resolution pictures of your car for use on the SimpleDecals.com web site. See the "customer gallery" to get an idea of the quality requirements. Its not too difficult to shoot those types of pics.

Bad or crooked installs and missing logos will immediately cancel your sponsorship. If this occurs, NO REFUNDS OR REPLACEMENTS will be provided. If you CANNOT do a clean installation of your logos, please do not apply for a sponsorship.

The following photo angles are needed: front 3/4,side view, rear 3/4, and a close-up of the roll-call list. Other picture angles may be required depending on the placement of the logos (i.e. hood roll-call will require full frontal pics, etc.).

After your photos have been accepted by SimpleDecals.com, a FULL REFUND (including shipping) will be provided. Photos will then become the sole property of SimpleDecals.com - At that point, your sponsorship commitment will be considered fulfilled and you can remove the logos if you want.