1. Clean surface thoroughly. Be sure to turn the cloth several times to ensure thorough cleaning and wax removal.

2. Place decal (with backing still applied) in desired location and tape to surface with masking tape. Apply tape across the top side to create a hinge.

3. Flip decals up and pull backing off. This will expose the adhesive.

4. Hold the decals firmly at the corners and flip back down so that adhesive is against the surface.

5. With firm pressure (use credit card or decal squeegee), rub the decals from the center outwards forcing all the air out. Any air bubbles should disappear. Repeat step 5 as necessary to remove all air bubbles.

6. Wait a few minutes. Then, remove the transfer tape by slowly pulling straight back. If decal comes up with the application tape, repeat step 5 and wait up to 24 hours before removing the application tape again.

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